Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Of hedgehogs and glitter

Today was just Frank and me. The two of us. Perfect. We hung out making a picture for Elsa in the morning before popping into the hospital for Frank to give blood (he needs to be tested for thyroid function every year). He was super brave and so sweetly calm that the nurses gave him not one sticker but three as well as some goodies for his doctor's bag. Then off to Manningtree to play with Elsa whilst I caught up with Angela.
The disruptive lunchtime appointment at the hospital meant that I gave Frank snacks instead of lunch and then at Angela's he had more snacks, so I wasn't at all concerned about his blood sugar levels. As far as I was concerned he had eaten really well. I prepared dinner and tested him just before, even bracing myself for another injection, only to see him at 3.2, basically in hypo. Sometimes I feel really in control of it all and sometimes I get sideswiped and realise how much more there is to learn.
I love him so much and am so proud of him that this experience now spurs me on to getting better at helping him manage his diabetes.
All my posts are not meant to be about Frank's Type 1 but it is with us every moment of every day. There is no respite. We are his life support system and it's deeply frightening at times. Sometimes I want to put my head in the sand but then the parent-thing switches on, just like it did when I first gave birth to him, and I realise that I always have been his life support system and his need for me isn't scary but beautiful and a blessing. Every day I want to be the best Mum I can. He deserves nothing less.

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