Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Digging and Dreaming

Two nights in a veritable heaven.
Old Hall hosted us for a couple of days and Frank was in his absolute glory: running around with tractors, chickens and cows as well as living the dream that is harvesting Mangolds when The Enormous Turnip is your favourite story. Autumn sunshine, good homemade and home-grown food, good company, good people and some decisions to be made about going back. Frank's vote was for two weeks and he was very emphatic as he also held up two fingers; numerical genius that he is.I have been working at being a more mindful parent recently and trying to live in the moment with Frank. He thrives when I manage it, in fact we both do, and we have so much more fun together as everything is more peaceful and calm. At Old Hall Frank just blossomed with being out in the fresh air all day, running aorund a lot and taking in all the smells and sights of a working farm. I felt myself blossoming too. It is a very special place and offers the space to just be.
With my increasing desire to live more simply and be closer to nature this couple of days was a beautiful insight into what might be.

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