Wednesday 28 October 2009

Our day

A rare still life with 3 year old and peanut butter on toast.

Knitting gloves and keeping those fluids up.

Ginger tea and anti-viral oil for the Aroma stone.

Feeling very sorry for ourselves today. We both have full-on colds and Frank also has a fever.
He was very floppy this morning as you can see so we left the sofa bed up after I had retreated to it in the night. I couldn't breathe lying down and so read "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls until I felt sleepy and my nose felt less stuffed. I think I read from 2-4am! I am regretting my foolhardy attitude today as Frank is showing no signs of napping despite being under the weather.

This morning I called Shelagh the diabetes specialist nurse for some advice about handling fever and ketones in urine. I had tested Frank's pee with a tester strip and he was showing high levels of ketones. His breath was smelly too. Acidic and viral-smelling. Shelagh recommended lots of fluids and testing his blood suagr more regularly. If he were to vomit or go into the 20s or 30s I should call the Children's Unit and take him in.

I was told, a year ago, when we were sent back out into the world after his diagnosis and our time in hospital
that we had 24 hour open door access to the ward and shouldn't hesitate to go in. I remember thinking, "I don't want that! I don't want an open door at the hospital! I want a child without diabetes!" But a year down the line and I am calmer about the situation. Hospital will become a part of our lives at times. And the staff and systems in place here in Colchester have always impressed and reassured us.

Clare popped in this morning and was a breath of fresh air as always.

We are now on the sofa for an attempt at an afternoon rest. It will be good to be in my own bed again tonight, especially as Budd returned home yesterday after 5 days in Scotland and I feel I've barely seen him since!

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