Monday, 5 October 2009

Apple Pie

So, the saga (of how to use up the closely estimated 250 apples from last week's scrumping by Budd) continues. And today I give you apple and thyme pie! Before

and "Ta da!" after.

It served as Valerie's birthday cake and we ate it with either creme fraiche (me) or custard (Val and Budd). Too many years of cold custard with a skin at Place Farm primary school wrecked any chance I had of loving custard. It's a cliche but it really did ruin the yellow stuff for me.
Frank was busy painting (hence the plastic table cloth with insects on it) and didn't want any apple pie. Anyway he assures me he doesn't like apple cake as he only likes cake on its own. Without the apples. A very three year old thing, this not mixing foods. Everything in its proper place and don't fancy it up.
It is also my second Bench Monday and this is my feet with those of my beloved, taking a moment on the sofa as the pie bakes in the oven, (you can just see my pinny) and the boy plays with his Lego.
I wish you pie with your loved ones.

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