Monday, 19 October 2009

Converse Bench Monday

Severine is here!
Her converse look even more battered than mine and so she was roped into my paltry attempts to come up with something for Bench Monday. She is the one with the dinky feet.
I have spent the morning working at a local primary school, the afternoon baking crumble (thanks, Anne, for the bag of apples last night) and planning. Frank and Budd have been to the zoo and I can now smell dinner being prepared downstairs. It is a working day for me and a Stay At Home Dad day for Budd. We have stopped being so flexible for work and have stuck to our days and it's working really well. We all know where we are:
here, now, loving our little family.


  1. love the converse! I have worn many of these high tops in my day!

  2. This is only my second pair and they are lasting really well. They go through the washing machine and come out well each time. Thanks for visiting my fledgling blog.