Saturday 17 October 2009

Towards Gratitude

I am grateful for my boys.

I am grateful for days out in nature with them and for every moment I spend with them.

It is all too easy in life to focus on the next thing to need doing, the next meal to need cooking, the next load of washing to put on. But what if we stopped for a minute and took a breath and lived in the present, right there in the moment.

What if we looked at our loves and really saw them?

My baby has diabetes. I am essentially his 5'10" pancreas. I have to be aware of his condition, constantly. There are blood sugar results to consider, injections to give, potential food and exercise to balance, insulin and glucose to carry around and a normal contrary three year old to throw into the mix.

And yet, life is such a gift, such an amazing set of chances and luck. It is not always what we imagined or wanted. But it is what it is and to find peace in that has helped me move forward from the darker places I have been over the past year since diagnosis.

I am grateful for my boys.

I am grateful.

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