Wednesday 12 May 2010

Let's Get Moving

Looking through my photos for pictures of activity I was happy to find loads. This one is of Frank running through the Autumn leaves after our three monthly check at the hospital. We park at a local Country Park and run around a bit before and afterwards.
It works for all of us, for me in terms of finding balance, and is a five minute walk to the hospital.

We are a family with about six bikes, maybe seven.

Strange to not know the exact number, you'd think? But some are in states of half repair and some are just about hanging together.

Some we use every day.

We walk and cycle most places in our town.

When we drive we take our camper van.

We do no formal exercise. No gyms. No classes, although yoga for me is coming up soon.

Frank always calls "race you!" whenever we go anywhere and we have to race to the next lamppost or postbox or corner. This is him in Brittany on Christmas Day. He and I went for a walk whilst Budd cooked the lunch. See how far ahead he is. He is FAST!

We munch apples and eat oatcakes on walks to keep levels steady.

We make up stories as we walk or Frank finds a good stick and does some magic with it, turning us into different animals so we have to flutter like butterflies or oink like pigs.
(For those of you reading this and imagining this three year old walk everywhere, rest assured, he gets carried a lot too!).
We go out and about as much as we can, visiting farms ...

and beaches.

And more beaches.

I am aware of how important a fit and healthy body is for people with diabetes. I want to set Frank up for an active life and here in the UK we are able to walk to town, walk to the local shops, walk to the library and we do it all the time.

However, there are also days when I am tired and cannot race Frank very fast.

There is space for improvement in caring for myself.

That's the bit I find hard at the moment.


  1. I love all the pictures of Frank in motion! Such a true picture of a toddlers life!

  2. Your boy is so cute!!! He is lucky to live in such a beautiful area, it looks like you have an abundance of wonderful places to explore :)