Tuesday 18 May 2010

What next? A plague of locusts?

So, Diabetes Blog Week ends and I'm feeling a bit bereft but also rather chipper at having done a week alone.
This is the ideal time, say the Gods above us, to throw the girl a curve-ball. She's all smug and pleased with herself.
Let's send the boy a fever and get him hospitalised for a few hours.
That'll teach her not to relax and feel like she's got some of this covered.
Oh, and while we're sending things to Colchester, let's get that plague of locusts commissioned to decimate her fledgling veggie garden.
I kid you not.
That was Monday!
But I am relieved Frank is OK and I am laughing, I promise you, at the bloody timing of it all.


  1. S*d's law isn't it! Hope Frank is feeling better and you too!

  2. He is, thanks. The eye-rolling irony of it all, eh?

  3. Thank goodness Frank is ok, and so are you! We never get a break, do we?!

  4. Diabetes strikes again - I'm glad Frank is doing okay.
    Keep smiling :)

  5. OH NO!! Poor guy! Poor Mom! I'm so glad he is feeling better! But isn't it just like diabetes to kick us in the arse right when we are getting comfortable? ((HUGS))

  6. So glad Frank is better. Diabetes does not like to let us get too comfortable or too confident for long eh? And your poor garden! Big hugs to you from Seattle.

  7. The madness never stops, does it? I am glad he is doing better!