Tuesday 11 May 2010

Making the low go

By coincidence we had a scarily low low today of 2.6. Out came the apple juice. We had been with Frank all morning in the garden and he pretty much always lets us know if he's "wobbly". This is the word I seem to use when I mean low blood sugar. We talk about "hungry" and "wobbly hungry". He is only three so it kind of works. Maybe when he's a hulking great sixteen year old (please, let him become a hulking great sixteen year old!) we will need to find new vocabulary.
I don't have a picture of a juice box but figure my target audience, more than any other item in their cupboards, will know a juice box. Juice boxes are just the Clark Kent of my pantry. Unassuming in their beauty but there for you when you need them. I tend to buy mostly apple juice so here is a photo of a pretty apple with a heart in it.
When we need to deal with medium lows we use these baby weaning purees from Ella's Kitchen. They have 12g carbs and Frank did have them when he was weaning. We now call them squeezies and they are quite the treat (amazing how a bit of careful PR can do wonders). They contain fruit and vegetable puree mixed so I figure he's getting some squash and spinach or whatever at the same time.

Then we sometimes follow up a low with an oatcake with nut butter or a small piece of toast or a biscuit, such as this one fashioned to look like Graham Coxon (local boy done good, click on his name there to see how yummy he is. A less seedy-looking Jarvis Cocker!).

Frank comes round fairly quickly and tends to need a hug. We try to never show panic or freak out in front of him. He needs to be under the impression that we know what we are doing.
(In case anyone was wondering, I have just learnt how to do links properly! Woo hoo! Brace yourselves for more coming up and if you need a smile and like Star Wars watch this one!)


  1. Loved the pictures!!!

    Thanks for sharing your favorite ways to treat the lows :)

  2. I love the idea of puree - pure genius! Thanks for sharing!