Monday 3 May 2010

Off the needles

Off the needles recently have been:
new curtains for our bedroom, made from some cut up double sheets from a charity shop in town and edged with cotton lace. Our old curtains were looking rather dingy and miserable. These are Spring-like and let a lot more light in. Can you see our beautiful view of the herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plains???

Then in a flurry of knitting I made these tiny booties for a friend when she confessed the reason she was pouring all the wine into my glass rather than having any herself, a most unusual occurrence!

And a few baby hats for her too.

I also finally completed a lace scarf I had been working on, lots of mistakes, but that's hand knitting for you (well, it's my hand knitting anyway).

This one is overexposed behind me but I liked the way it made me look like I have either a halo or that and angel has landed behind me and I just haven't noticed...

Numbers back up in the teens today and so much larger amounts of insulin being administered. I am still working on understanding that more insulin doesn't mean Frank is sicker, just that he's growing and eating more.
I cycled into town to meet my lovely friend Lynne this morning for a coffee and took half an hour alone with the paper and Jarvis Cocker on the ipod to try to regain something of the Jules that used to exist pre-diabetic child.
She is in there somewhere, I hope.
I'll keep you posted of any sightings of this elusive creature that actually finishes reading a paper, listens attentively to music and has some conversation in which adults might be interested


  1. Such cute baby booties and hats :) You are so talented, I love it!

    So happy that you had an opportunity to enjoy some coffee with a friend, those moments are so important and give us a much needed break once in awhile! I definately need to do that more often in my life :)

  2. Thanks, Connie. I am actually quite a bad knitter but just really enjoy it and so plod on. It keeps me sane through the children's TV shows Frank loves!

  3. You mean there are actually people in this world that read the ENTIRE paper in one sitting?? Impossible!

    I'm in awe of your talent. I have always wanted to learn, and even made a few feeble attempts...but it does not seem to be my calling.

    Glad to meet you!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!