Wednesday 12 May 2010

To carb or not to carb

Ah, yes, carbs, carbs, carbs...
We count them and we measure them and we guess them and we still get it so very wrong and sometimes whoopingly right.
I work hard at not hiding the carb counting from Frank but also not overloading him with the issue. I do it discretely and he is showing a little interest in it all sometimes. It will develop naturally.
I don't forbid any foods and it took me a while to realise that when I was saying no to certain foods it was because I would have said no anyway, diabetes in the picture or not.
For a while I had lost the Mummy I had imagined I was going to be and thought she had to be replaced by D-Mummy.
However, I think she is one and the same person.
Some of the things we do:
Licking the spoon from making sunflower seed clusters.
I timed making them to coincide with snack time and included them in the allocated carbs.
The face of a flapjack happy child! Again licking the pan was his snack and I left enough mixture in it to be around the right amount. Doing this so reminds me of childhood and I do not want him to miss the experience just because his pancreas didn't pull the drawbridge up in time!
Licking spoons is important.

Snack laid out in the afternoon. We shared this one.

Smoothie Sunday: frozen berries with yoghurt followed by toast wth almond butter and Marmite. His favoured spreads.

Getting breakfast ready. He loves these flakes and has them with goats' milk.

I am lucky he loves his meat and nuts. He is essentially a cave man and has recently taken to demanding "meat with bones" at which he gnaws like a neanderthal! As a recent ex-veggie (pregnancy brought on cravings for roast chicken after 21 years in the lentil zone) I have to look away, still uncomfortable with the sinewy aspects of meat.
He chooses to fill up with protein and eats carbs in quite small amounts, except at breakfast.
I cannot imagine living any other way now.
A heartfelt P.S to all of you who posted your kind comments yesterday. I had a hypo to deal with at 10:30pm but the night went well and I gained so much strength from not feeling alone.


  1. I'm really impressed with your snack timing! Who'd have thought about snack time coinciding with licking the spoon? Great thinking, Jules.

  2. My boys all went through phases at a young age where all they wanted was meat. On the bone, just as you said. They would eat TONS of it, and could care less about the rest of the meal. But as they have grown, they eat less and less, and more salad. I don't get it, but I guess the body needs what it needs!

  3. Factoring in "licking the bowl" as a snack is a very inspired idea! WELL PLAYED!

    (can't recall if I've commented before, but I've been enjoying your blog very much. thanks.)

  4. I loved this post :) Licking the bowl is so important when your a kid...gotta love it!!!

    I also say no to certain foods for my daughters, but like you, I would say no to these foods diabetes or no diabetes.

    Just a note, those sunflower seed clusters sound yummy!!! I would love to know how you make them ;)

  5. Great post! I know exactly what you mean about realizing that the mom and dmom are one in the same. I was so worried my son wouldn't be able to eat well and with enjoyment at diagnosis but as it turns out, the things that are especially hard on his body are things I would not have fed him if he didn't have D anyway. I too think licking the spoon is a special part of childhood that I am happy to indulge my son in !

  6. I agree with everyone else who commented about how smart it is to work in bowl licking with snack time!!! D-Moms are very very smart. :)

  7. I love that smile - such great pictures!